Criteria for Admission and Treatment

To be admitted into the EMBRACE Mental Health Program, a client must meet the following conditions:

– An inability to control behavior due to a mental health condition or mental health episode.

– A serious impairment in family, occupational, and/or social functioning due to alcohol and/or drugs.

– A minimum of 18 years of age for the full adult program.

– A family living situation which is intact, or is dysfunctional, but has the availability of resources which can be developed in the treatment setting.

– No serious physical illnesses.

– A reasonable likelihood of benefiting from a Partial Hospitalization/Day Night Treatment program, Intensive Outpatient, or Outpatient program for treatment of mental health or mental health and substance use disorders.

To prepare yourself for this program we encourage you to:

– Have a desire to stop drinking and/or using drugs;

– Be willing to participate fully in your treatment plan, which includes med compliance.

– Be willing to stay into treatment until the completion of each session.

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