Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

EMBRACE Intensive Outpatient program is often a step-down program from Partial Hospitalization Program level (PHP). It is of less intensity than the PHP program; a minimum of 9 hours of therapeutic services per week. This consists of group and individual therapy with the same therapist throughout the entire continuum of care. We provide supportive and safe housing; however, some individuals may live in an independent living environment or with their family.

We assist Individuals in becoming independent and begin a structured, disciplined, positive lifestyle, while continuing treatment. It is at this phase that an individual will look to maintain employment or volunteer work. EMBRACE works closely with local community programs to help individuals build a meaningful life and minimize the stigma of Mental Health. Our philosophy is that we refer our patients as Persons Affected by Mental Illness, instead of Persons who are Mentally Ill.

Additional Services during IOP and OP services:
– We provide case management services
– Resume writing
– Obtaining employment or volunteer work
– Applying for Disability
– Legal Issues
– Many other Life Skils services

Our Clinical Offices

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